Sunday Spotlight: Soledad O’Brien

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Soledad O’Brien! Devoted, dedicated and definitely driven!


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During a particular nasty storm with a particular noteworthy name of which I’m somewhat attached, Soledad O’Brien brought her own bright appellation to shine some light on the tragic situation. Already an influential figure, she became an award-winning journalist and has since branched out into a variety of media platforms. I am inspired by her devotion to bringing social justice issues to the public eye and for being one heck of a role model to young people.


An admirable and ambitious woman, Soledad O’Brien did not stop after reporting, writing, speaking, and producing documentaries. She is also the founder and CEO of Starfish Media Group, a production and distribution company that focuses on authentic storytelling about pivotal issues. She has five siblings who all graduated from Harvard University, just as she did. The author of two books and news anchor for a variety of programs, she displays her passion for positive change through her work and generosity.


Soledad’s Trivia Trio:

  1. Her father is Australian and her mother is Afro-Cuban and they married in Washington, DC in 1958, where laws about interracial marriages were less restrictive at the time.
  2. She has won numerous awards for journalism and in 2006 she was featured in the Newsweek cover story “15 People Who Make America Great.”
  3. She is a member of both the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists



Soledad: A Spanish name that means ‘solitude,’ Soledad O’Brien was born Maria de la Soledad Teresa, which translates to ‘The Blessed Virgin Mary of Solitude.’ Strength and fortitude seem to emanate from this lovely name, and I am so glad that O’Brien refused to change it when she was prompted to at the start of her television career.

O’Brien: Tons of variations of this Irish surname, which means ‘descendant of Brian,’ abound, most of which come directly from Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland. Soledad’s father was three quarters Irish and as has last name passed onto his daughter, he probably didn’t realize what a legacy she would become, as the High Queen of Journalism.


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  1. She’s amazing! I’m so glad she kept her name–it’s lovely, and I think it’s silly they tried to get her to change it.

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