Sunday Spotlight: Idris Elba

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Idris Elba! Skillful, suave and second-to-none!


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Who wouldn’t fall in love with the smooth voice and handsome features of actor/musician Idris Elba? I know I certainly don’t have the will to resist either. But he is so much more than his looks and his accented baritone voice. Highly versatile, Idris Elba has achieved success in multiple arenas and treated a number of countries to his talents as well as his melodies.


Born and raised in London, England, Idris Elba was the star of Luther, the BBC crime drama beginning in 2010. Recently, he has put out an album, Murdah Loves John, that was inspired by the show, and he continues his musical career as a singer, rapper, and international DJ even as he lands new acting roles on a regular basis. He has also starred in Mandela: The The_Dark_Tower_Movie_Promo_Poster_1Long Walk to Freedom, Beasts of No Nation, Pacific Rim, and the Thor movies, among other credits. He will soon be seen in Star Trek Beyond and The Dark Tower, where he will undoubtedly shine as The Gunslinger.

I also hope this award-winning talent will get to play James Bond someday soon, as he would be perfect for the role.

Idris’s Trivia Trio:

  1. He has lent his awesome voice to a few recent films including The Jungle Book, ZooTopia and the forthcoming, Finding Dory.
  2. He is the father of Isan Elba and baby Winston Elba.
  3. His disc jockey name is Big Driis.



Idris is both an Arabic name of a prophet and a Welsh name meaning ‘lord,’ but Idris Elba was actually born Idrissa Akuna Elba. Of African origin, the names were bestowed by his parents, his father being from Sierra Leone and his mother from Ghana. Idrissa means ‘immortal’ and if his performances are any indication, Idris Elba has already achieved this status.

Elba contains the right combination of consonants to complement Idris nicely. This name seems to be of either Indian or Italian origin and is most often seen as a female first name. The information is sparse and somewhat contradictory. Regardless, it’s a strong, eloquent surname for a very eloquent individual.


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