Curionomastics is a clubhouse for name enthusiasts of all types who are curious about the power of names. Everyone is welcome and it is here that you will find fun, engaging, interesting, and inspiring content.

The term curionomastics is my attempt at a creative description for my curiosity about fascinating people with intriguing or wonderful names. At least, that’s how it started out, but as I began to create content for this blog, it has expanded into encompassing a multifaceted view of onomastics, or the study of names. Because names are extremely important, my goal is to create a space for thought-provoking but non-stuffy discourse about the subject and to bring together like minded people who wish to learn and discuss names, naming practices, history, and more. It is recommended for recreational or research-assisting use, and especially inspiration for writers, artists, gamers, and creators as well as etymologists, onomasticians, and linguists.


As a writer myself, one of my favorite things to do when planning out my stories and novels, is to name my characters. I do not have any set routine for doing so, nor do I stick to one genre when writing, so I like to make up my own names just as much as researching names that already exist. That being said, I’ve known many people that struggle with naming their characters, and I would be more than happy to help you with yours. Please feel free to fill out the form under Need a Name?, email me at Tee@teelafrancetodd.com or DM me on Twitter if you would like me to suggest names for any of your unnamed characters for stories, games, etc. I will not, however, name your baby, so don’t be tricksy.

With the myriad of baby name sites out there, Curionomastics is definitely not going to be another one. I do not aim to give advice about naming your child or future children. I will not be highlighting a name of the day or anything like that. Rather, I will be presenting facts about names, naming practices, customs, and rituals of various cultures, unique knowledge about etymology and onomastics, and showcasing individuals with unique and rhythmic names, outlining their major accomplishments, and providing information about their names.

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~ Tee ~